Training: September 26, 2008

NOTE: Registration is now closed!

On Friday, September 26, 2008, the St. Louis Product Management Group hosted a free three hour training seminar — Product Management: Five Fundamentals of Market Leadership — facilitated by John Mansour, Founder and Managing Partner of ZIGZAG Marketing.

Product Management: Five Fundamentals of Market Leadership
If you want a better understanding of product management and how it can elevate the performance of your company, this 1/2 day briefing is ideal for gaining a fresh perspective.

  • Executives & Senior Managers will learn why product management has a greater impact on the top line than any other function in the company and how to get the most out of it.
  • Product Management & Marketing Professionals will learn what it takes to be one of those people everyone — including executives — looks to for direction.
  • Engineers & Developers will learn how strong product management eliminates distractions and improves focus on designing and building better products.
  • Managers & Team Leads will learn what product management is, what it isn’t and how each functional area of the organization needs to be part of the team.

5 Good Reasons to Attend

  • There is a perception that product management is nothing more than “the enhancement list department”
  • Trying to be everything to everyone is not a sustainable business model
  • Revenue pressures are forcing you to take bad business too often
  • Beyond revenue and profit goals, there is no master plan
  • Sales, marketing and product teams are out of sync

Topics & Discussion Points

  • Market Assessment – Why defining and prioritizing target markets is the single most important decision in your company and a simple approach to get it done at a product or company level.
  • Strategy & Org Structure – How a single company strategy and a well balanced product team can simplify everything for everyone while growing revenue and customer references
  • Product Release Planning – How to get away from product planning silos and plan around higher value solutions consisting of multiple products
  • Product Design & Development – Pre-emptive techniques for improving product usability, eliminating re-do’s and keeping development projects on schedule
  • Sales & Marketing – How to increase the average sale by marketing and selling solutions instead of products