Thursday, November 5, 2015: Win/Loss Analysis: Insight into the Minds of B2B Customers/Prospects

Thursday, November 5, 2015: Win/Loss Analysis: Insight into the Minds of B2B Customers/Prospects with Shelly Azar

Meeting Information

Meetings are open to everyone — there is no charge to attend. This will be held at The Venture Cafe Gathering at CIC from 7-7:45pm — see directions and details below.

About the meeting: How do you get into the mind of B2B customers and prospects to find out what they really think and desire? B2B companies are typically a lot less vocal on social media and you might not be able to observe their behavior … so how do you learn about them? If you’re looking for strategic and tactical insights from your B2B customers and prospects — how they make decisions, what they value, where they’re headed, how they identify vendors, what they think of your offerings and what they think of competitors — the best (and perhaps only) way to get this information is through in-depth interviews in a process called win/loss analysis. After a brief overview of the win/loss analysis process and examples of some findings, we will have time for Q&A, discussion of best practices, etc.

About the Presenter: Shelly Azar, principal of Insight Researchers, has been working in the field of market intelligence, helping clients make better strategic and tactical decisions, since 1996. Her experience both as a corporate practitioner and as a consultant has been with companies large and small, public and private, in the US and abroad … and in a variety of industries. Shelly is on Twitter as @stazar.

About the event
This meeting is part of the weekly Venture Café Gathering at CIC. Every Thursday from 3:00 – 8:00pm, The Venture Café welcomes the innovation community to “a weekly gathering of innovators and startups. A place for serendipitous collisions to occur. Each week there are roundtable discussions, information tables, office hours with thought leaders, and guest speakers relevant to the ecosystem.”

The St. Louis Product Management Group meeting will be held in the Havana Room (2nd floor) from 7-7:45pm. You are encouraged to arrive early to participate in other related events, along with networking and refreshments. Check the Venture Café calendar to see what other events are going on before our meeting.

The Venture Cafe at CIC
4240 Duncan Avenue 2nd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63110

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Parking is available in the CIC parking lot, on the street (Duncan Ave), or in the lot on the north side of Duncan Ave across from CIC. The main entrance is closest to the corner of Duncan and Boyle.