How to Get Prospects to Call You: April 2, 2015

The April 2015 meeting of the St. Louis Product Management Group was held on Thursday, April 2, 2015:

This month’s topic: How to Get Prospects to Call When They’re Ready to Buy with Allen Minster

Meeting Recap

Allen’s slides (6.3 MB PDF)

Allen’s contact information: Frontline Advisors / Allen’s LinkedIn profile

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Meeting Information

Meetings are open to everyone — there is no charge to attend. This meeting was held at The Venture Cafe Gathering at CIC — see directions and details below. RSVPs were kindly requested (though not required) on our LinkedIn page

About the meeting: Almost every business owner and senior manager that we talk to understands that the world of selling is changing. Here are the new realities:

  • Sales cycles are longer and decisions are slower than ever.
  • Prospects are not inviting salespeople in until they are much further along in the decision process.
  • Getting appointments with prospects is much more difficult.
  • The internet has changed the way people determine who is on the ‘short list’. Prospects are MUCH better informed than ever and are not looking to salespeople for information to decide which product/service to select.
  • Decisions to change the existing buyer/seller relationship are much more deliberate.
  • More people are involved in buying decisions.
  • Prospects want to talk about pricing much earlier.

Sound familiar? If you are grappling with any (or all) of these issues, consider attending this workshop. You will learn

  • How to get sales and marketing to work together.
  • Why most “hot leads” never turn into closed sales (hint: 73% of all leads generated by marketing are NOT sales-ready!)
  • Why most sales are made after 8-10 contacts while most salespeople disconnect after only 2 contacts.
  • How Nurture Marketing can change the way you sell your goods and services.
  • Why the biggest expense in every company is missed opportunity and how to make sure that your sales team never loses by default.

There is a new world emerging and those that adapt their sales process can prosper.

About the Presenter: Allen Minster is partner and co-founder of Frontline Advisors, LLC, an international consulting and implementation firm. Since the launch of his business in 1992, his company has worked with over 850 companies worldwide to improve sales revenues, marketing effectiveness, sales staff and management productivity and profitability. Minster has been featured in numerous industry journals, including Selling Magazine (cover), Small Business Monthly and St. Louis Business Journal. He is the co-author of Sales Utopia – How to have the right people, doing the right things, enough times.

About the event
This meeting is part of the weekly Venture Café Gathering at CIC. Every Thursday from 3:00 – 8:00pm, The Venture Café welcomes the innovation community to “a weekly gathering of innovators and startups. A place for serendipitous collisions to occur. Each week there are roundtable discussions, information tables, office hours with thought leaders, and guest speakers relevant to the ecosystem.”

The St. Louis Product Management Group meeting will be held in the Havana Room (2nd floor) from 7-7:45pm. You are encouraged to arrive early to participate in other related events, along with networking and refreshments. Check the Venture Café calendar to see what other events are going on before our meeting.

The Venture Cafe at CIC
4240 Duncan Avenue 2nd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63110

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Parking is available in the CIC parking lot, on the street (Duncan Ave), or in the lot on the north side of Duncan Ave across from CIC. The main entrance is closest to the corner of Duncan and Boyle.

RSVPs were kindly requested (though not required) on our LinkedIn page