Training: May 19-21

The St. Louis Product Management Group is pleased to announce this special event…

Pragmatic Marketing is coming to St. Louis May 19-21 to present the well known Practical Product Management and Requirements That Work seminars. Designed for IT professionals, product managers and other members of the product team, these seminars define the role of technology product management, providing tools, processes and real-world techniques to get products to market more efficiently. You can register online or get more information below.

In addition, the instructor, Stacey Weber, will be giving the keynote presentation on May 19 at a special meeting of the St. Louis Product Management Association.

Seminar descriptions and recommended attendees for each session:

  • Practical Product Management (PPM), 2-day: Delivers a market-driven model that provides the tools for managing and marketing technology products that the market will embrace. PPM includes the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, a model for finding and solving pervasive market problems profitably. Ideal for Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Technical Product Managers, Architects, Marketing Communications, Development Leads, Sales Operations, and anyone associated with product direction.
  • Requirements that Work (RTW), 1-day: Focuses on how Product Management communicates requirements to Development. The approach uses personas and Use Case Scenarios to describe what needs the product satisfies and whom it will benefit. In addition, requirements are prioritized, based on market need and impact. The goal is to create product plans that developers will embrace for solutions the market will buy. This approach produces clearer requirements and leads to quicker time-to-market and better solutions. It can decrease ramp up time for new staff, by using a consistent methodology for to document requirements. Ideal for Product Managers, Technical Product Managers, Architects, Development Leads, and anyone associated with product definition and direction.

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