Collecting Actionable Customer Insight: May 2013

Our May 2013 meeting of the St. Louis Product Management Group was Wednesday, May 15, 2013:

Collecting Actionable Customer Insight

Meeting are open to everyone — there is no charge to attend. RSVPs encouraged (but not required) on our LinkedIn page.

About the presentation: Customer intelligence is paramount to any product development process – unless your product serves a need or addresses a particular pain point, it is not likely to succeed. Market research is a proven way to obtain customer validation that you are on the right track at all stages of product development. The process should be very formulaic and strategic, with clearly stated objectives. Executed effectively, customer discovery can tremendously help you validate hypotheses and identify opportunities. There are many facets of research, all of which come into play as it relates to implementing a successful study: methodology, question types / interview guides, customer targets / screening and sample size. Without a carefully orchestrated plan, you can waste a lot of valuable time and effort. This presentation will help guide the way to help you find real opportunities.

The session will provide an overview of what a well-crafted customer / market research plan includes, and will answer these questions: How do you ensure that you gather information relevant to your business needs? How do you ask the kinds of questions that provide the data you are looking for? What is an appropriate sample size? When do you pivot from discovery to validation? How can you sell this process in your organization?

About the Presenters

  • Bob Boehringer has been in developing marketing strategies for twenty years. He’s built his career on high value customer contact strategies, including email campaigns, design, content strategies, marketing publishing and digital product management. He is currently a Director of Strategy for Elsevier.
  • Carol Righi holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a professional computer-human interaction researcher and designer. Carol has extensive consulting experience, including a stint for IBM Global Services. Carol currently runs her own User Experience Consulting company,

Download the slides (PPT)

About the event

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

  • 5:30pm: Networking
  • 6:00pm:  Presentation
  • 7:00pm-ish: Adjournment


Maritz Motivation Solutions
1400 South Highway Drive
Fenton, MO 63099
On the Maritz campus, 1400 is the one building on the SOUTH side of Highway 44. (Map of Maritz campus)

Thank you to Maritz for hosting!

Directions: From the West

  1. Take 44 East
  2. Get off on the 141 exit.
  3. Go straight across 141 onto South Highway Drive (don’t get back on the highway!).
  4. Drive on South Highway Drive until you are on the Maritz campus.
  5. Drive under the pedestrian walkway that connects the campus, then turn right to go clockwise around the south building.
  6. The entrance faces south.

Directions: From the East

  1. Take 44 West past 270.
  2. Get off on Bowels exit.
  3. Go straight across Bowles onto North Highway Drive.
  4. Drive past the main Maritz campus and under the walking bridge.
  5. Turn left on Valley Park Road (the Maritz overpass).
  6. Turn left onto South Highway Drive
  7. Drive under the pedestrian walkway that connects the campus, then turn right to go clockwise around the south building.
  8. The entrance faces south.

Because this event is after business hours, you can park in any spots marked Visitor or Reserved, or any unmarked spots. There are parking lots directly East and West of the 1400 building if the visitors lot in front of the building entrance is full.

Everyone will need to sign in. If you RSVP on LinkedIn, we’ll try to have a name badge waiting for you. Otherwise, sign in and get a name badge when you come in the front door.